Private Lessons due to small Groups

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Nagabandhu Yoga offers Classical Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Mixed Yoga syles in small groups in Rotterdam City Center.

Groups of minimal 2 and maximal 4 people

Due to the small groups there is individual attention for your progress and process.

This gives a whole different feel to a Yoga class.

Why Nagabandhu Yoga?

Nagabandhu Yoga wants to distinguish itself from the larger Yoga studios by being close to the students; attention and focus on the questions and wishes of the students. There is guidance in not only the physical process, but also the emotional and mental process when this is needed.

Classes in English

Classes are given in English.

Dutch is an option as well if the whole class speaks Dutch or when it is a special reserved class.

Chakra Sunday

Once a month on a Sunday Morning there is Chakra Sunday. This consists of: Yoga Theory, breathing exercises, meditation, Yoga class and more.


We offer weekly classes, private classes, duo-classes and classes for small groups of Friends (up to 4 max).
Come and socialize with some friends or girlfriends and relax at a time that suits you all!

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga is also possible. This can exist of solely a yoga class, or we can offer a full day for you and your team, including workshops and massages. Please contact me for more information.

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Om Shanti!