Guidance & Therapy

Do you have an injury that is not healing? Or is Yoga not enough to completely solve that one problem?

Or does it not all go as you would like? For example; you are stuck in a pattern or a relationship in which you are not happy and you do not know how to continue. Living Practice is part of Nagabandhu Yoga.

Living Practice offers guidance and therapy. Here we work together with what you encounter. Also when you have a life question or would like to deepen or investigate something. How we can get started with this can be read on the website. Click here to visit the website.

If you are wondering if this is something for you, you can always drop by during the weekly question time of Nagabandhu Yoga. There you can put your question down and together we can see what the possibilities are for you to help you further.

Even if you only need a listening ear, please contact Living Practice.

For questions you can mail to:

Certified Regression and Reincarnation Therapist, teacher of pedagogy and Social Pedagogical Counselor.