Are you new to Nagabandhu Yoga?

Below you will find answers to frequently asked practical questions that you can have as a Yogi or Yogini.

Take a moment to go through them before you come to class. See you soon!

Do I have to reserve a lesson?

It is important to book a lesson in advance to make sure that there is room in the lesson of your choice. If there are more applications than space, for example, a larger space can be booked in time if this is profitable. Without reservation no place can be guaranteed in class. Call, e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook therefore in time to be sure of your place.

What time do I have to be present?

Make sure you are present at least 10 minutes in advance at the first lesson. Then you have enough time to complete the registration form and prepare for the first lesson. There is also time for answers to questions.

In case of a normal lesson, ensure that you are present at least 5 minutes in advance. The initial relaxation starts 5 minutes in advance. The door is then closed.

If you are unexpectedly late, call me on time: 06 27376881. A possible reservation will lapse if you arrive later and someone else can take the place.

How do I register?

If you come to Nagabandhu Yoga for the first time, you will receive a registration form. This will ask for your name, address and telephone number. There is also room to indicate whether you have any injuries or physical conditions that are important to know for the teacher.

NB: In the case of minors, the parents must complete and sign the form.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a vest if you are cold or cool down. Please take off shoes when you enter. Shoes are not allowed in the Yoga room.

Is there a dressing room and shower?

There is a small changing room but no shower.

Can I bring my own mat?

You can always bring your own mat. This is also more pleasant and hygienic for most people.

Rotterdam: Yoga mats are present at the Rotterdam location, but I recommend to bring your own Yoga mat or towel that you can put on the mat (for example 14.99 at Decathlon) if you do not bring your own mat. This is more hygienic and prevents slipping when you slide quickly on a Yoga mat. The Yoga mats I have here are fairly new and therefore still reasonably smooth.

Graauw: In Graauw everyone bringst his or her own mat. If you do not have one, I will make sure that during the first lesson you can buy a mat at a reasonable price or rent one. I would like to hear in advance whether you are interested in this. I also recommend to bring a fleece blanket to the lesson. This can be used at different postures and during the end relaxation.

During outdoor Yoga you bring your own mat with you.

Are food and drinks allowed?

It is not allowed to eat during the lesson. Drinking water is allowed, bring this in a bottle if you want to.

Please note that you do not eat too much or too much before class or meditation.