What is Regression Therapy?

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression means: returning to an earlier stage. Regression therapy assumes that every problem has a cause, a source or origin. In regression therapy we return to the origin with the help of a kind of trance (also called strong focus, no hypnosis). We can come across a situation from your youth, your childhood et cetera. For example you were bullied, belittled or you experienced fierce situations and you are still suffering from this. Or you are suffering from something and you don’t understand why this is or what it is, e.g. vague complaints. In trance we return to the situation that your conscious and/or body still remembers. You are with your conscious in the here and now, but as well as in the there and then. And that is what makes this therapy so healing, you can retrieve lost, forgotten, suppressed or undigested experiences to your current consciousness, whereby you can heal it in the here and now. There are beautiful techniques for this. This can be tensive and emotional at times. And exactly then we know we are at the correct spot, we found the problem. Every problem carries the solution.

The session can usually be divided in two parts; a regression part and a part wherein we do energy work to release all charges and do integration.

What is Transpersonal Regression Therapy?

This therapy is called transpersonal regression therapy, because we come across many instances wherein the ordinary boundaries of personality are crossed.

Instead of situations that we recognize from our current life, impressions come up of situations that we don’t know; unknown places, unknown persons, even spiritual impressions etcetera. All these impressions are taken seriously and worked with. We don’t judge.

Instances we can come across:

  • Prenatal experiences
  • Inner Child Work; parts of ourselves stuck in a situation, not able to continue.
  • Experiences in the Life Between Life (LBL)
  • Experiences of lives in other times
  • Accidents and operations
  • Attached energies of others or loved ones
  • Internalizations and pattern of oneself
  • Internalizations and patterns through generations/ family legacies

For this therapy you don’t have to believe in reincarnation or past lives. The healing works in the way the unconsciousness shows it to us. I take every impression (an image, sensation etcetera) seriously so that together we can come to the origin.

We live in the here and now, why would we look back?

We assume that ‘old pain’ wants to be healed. It wants to be seen and recognized. As long as this healing doesn’t occur, a complaint will keep repeating itself to indicate that this is the spot where this ‘old pain’ is present. The problem carries the solution.