Complaints procedure and the WKKGZ

Provision of information Wkkgz for clients

With effect from 1 January 2017, all care providers in the Netherlands must meet the requirements set in the context of the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act (Wkkgz). My practice also meets these requirements. I would like to explain briefly what this means.
It is possible that you, as a client of my practice, have a complaint about the care provided. If so, please discuss this complaint directly with me. In this way we can look at it together and come to an agreement together.

If we can not figure it out together or do you not find it pleasant to talk to me for any reason, then I offer you to use an independent complaints officer for free.

More important than the mediation of the complaints officer is the deployment, the taking of responsibilities, the ability of the healthcare provider to solve a complaint (with the support of the complaints officer).

Moreover, you are free – if the mediation of the complaints officer does not lead to the desired result – to turn to the independent Care Disputes Disputes body approved by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. This is only possible after completing the first trajectory and after the assessment of the healthcare provider. With effect from (start date Wkkgz registration) 2017 my practice is connected to Quasir / Zorggeschil. The disputes authority Zorggeschil is authorized to issue binding opinions in order to reach a settlement between the parties. More information can be found via the Zorggeschil website.
The complaints regulations of Quasir, which will serve as the basis for the complaints procedure of my practice, can be found here. The Disputes Regulations of Zorggeschil will be provided to you by the independent complaints officer in such cases.