What does a session look like?

Prior to the session

After we set an appointment, I’ll send you an intake form. The printed filled out form you take with you to your appointment.

During the first appointment we have a short intake based upon the information you filled out on the form. There is the possibility to ask questions.

Interview and session

After this we continue with the problem or question you came for. I will ask additional questions and want to know exactly on what you want to work and/ or what you wish to accomplish. When I have enough information, we will start with a session.

Laying down on a couch or bed without shoes has preference. When laying down is uncomfortable or painful, you can also sit on a chair. Throughout the session your eyes stay closed. Keep some blankets close, during a session you can have different bodily sensations of warmth and cold.

I repeat once again that what you want to work on and what you want to accomplish, so your consciousness can already focus on this. I give some suggestions and ask some questions by which I slowly guide you into trance (strong focus, no hypnosis). Throughout the session I guide you through impressions, situations and experiences that come up. You relive situations and this can be emotional. Also your body participates in the experience. What was stuck, can be let go off. Together we try to find as much pieces of the puzzle as possible. We heal where possible, do a double check and there is the rounding off.

After talk and after the session

When the session is finished, you take the time to come back to the here and now. You can feel a little light headed or a little out of balance. Only when you are totally back, we have an after talk and is it time to go home. Sometimes some small practical homework is given to support the integration of the session in the daily life. For waste disposal, it is recommended to drink a lot of water directly after the session as well as the days following the session. It is possible you have some side effects, these will disappear a few days after the session. If this is not the case, you can always contact me.

Further information

I take notes for my own administration and analysis of the session.

The amount of sessions varies. Because of the efficient method a small amount of sessions can be enough for improvement. This isn’t fixed data, since every client and complaint is different. Active participation of the client during and after the sessions is required to make it a success.