About me

My name is Mariska van Bokhoven, born in 1984 and graduated from Tasso’s International Program in Transpersonal Regression Therapy (TRT) in 2017.

Regression Therapy

Earlier I graduated as a Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Education in Pedagogics.

I started working at a therapeutic Daycare center based upon the antroposophic human vision by Rudolf Steiner. This Daycare center offers therapeutic education to children with behavioral and mental problems. After having done this for several years, I moved to Canada for about 2.5 years where I studied French, I was a volunteer for the SPCA and I worked at two international Localization and Translation companies. It was a great time and certainly enriching. Hereafter I knew as well that I would rather work with people than for people.

Back in the Netherlands, I started working as a family support worker. I coached, guided and supported families in raising their child(ren) with a mental disability and/ or additional disorders (like ADHD, autism, etcetera). I loved working in that field. In the meantime a position opened at the Daycare center where I had worked before I left for Canada. There I started working as a mentor and caregiver. I worked with the children and as well did all the administration around the children; compiling and maintaining files, parent meetings and keeping contact with the network of the child (e.g. foster care, youth care, guardians). I noticed I started working more and more with my head, was less aware of my feelings and surroundings. Because of this, I was less connected with the children and others around me. I decided to change my position at work. I started working as a general caregiver and started studying at Tasso as a Regression Therapist.

I knew that next to guiding, I wanted to work on a deeper level with people. I wondered where certain behaviors originated looking from a more spiritual or energetic point of view. Could I play a role in this, not only for children, but as well as for adults? Transpersonal Regression Therapy connected perfectly to these questions I had. It feels as if I finally found something wherein I can imbed all my qualities at once and can even help others. That gives an incredibly good feeling.