Living Practice offers classical Hatha Yoga

Yoga can be a beautiful addition to a therapeutic process. It works stress-reducing, the breathing becomes deeper and the healing ability will be stimulated by addressing the parasympathetic nervous system, which activates rest and growth of the body.

It keeps the joints soft, the back strong and massages the organs for a good metbalolism. The glands in the body are stimulated to work properly which helps with a lot of hormonal oriented problems. A healthy working glands system as well reduces stress related problems.

Creating physical movement can bring energy into denied parts of the body. Yoga activates with almost each pose the whole body. With an extra focus you can give your body or parts of the body the attention they need. Balance is the key.

At Nagabandhu Yoga & Lifestyle we work in small groups for extra attention to the individual process. Everyone’s process is different as well as everyone’s body is.  The classes take place in a homely environment, which give the lessons their own unique ambiance.

Classical Hatha Yoga is the way Yoga has been taught since the beginning of Yoga. All Yoga styles are derived from Hatha. If you feel like joining a class, then sign up for a spot. As groups are small, reservation is mandatory.

Hatha Yoga is accesible for everyone. It starts with more active movements and slows down at the end of the class. We start with a initial relaxation, then follow breathing exercises, warm ups, asanas (poses) and we finish with a final relaxation. Are you curious to come and experience classical Hatha Yoga in a small group setting and a homely environment?

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