You are Perfectly Beautiful ~ Embrace your Uniqueness

A big amount of people, especially women, say no to their bodies on a daily basis. They think they are too heavy, their nose is too cricket, their boobs are sagging etcetera. Saying no to your body impacts your body. As the cells will store negative thoughts, we create the world around us. Negativity is not good for us. Let me help you to see your uniqueness. Because you should understand, there is only one you!

Love your Uniqueness

Of course I have had some issues with my self-love as well in the past. But I learned to love me, making me even recognizable to others because of my differences. For example, I have some pigmentation spots on my legs and I would lie if I said that I don’t love them. I do love them! They are so unique and no one has them. It is like my own special tattoos, designed especially for me! It is all amazing how media can make you feel like a crazy outsider, while you actually stand out as uniquely, loving you!

Your Body is Timeless

If we would have to follow all the changes in what is in fashion concerning body shape and size we would be very busy. Then it is big boobs, then all natural, then it is curvy, then we have to be as thin as a clothes hanger. What I have learned is that bodies are not fashion. They are their own classic self and by loving your body, your body is timeless. No need to change, just be.

There is only One You

Know that there is only one of you on planet earth. One that is created as the way you are now. There is no one like you. Do you hear that? You are super special. We have the tendency to be part of the crowd, to fit in. But that are only social values. The people that are in the crowd have to work hard to stay there, to be socially accepted. If there is a way to describe normal then I would say it is a way of looking the same as everyone else. I never really understood that.

Creating my Identity

In High School you are young, exploring the world. Wondering who you are and what feels good for you to be. My high school class was one wherein everyone could be how and who they wanted to be. Not aware of fashion at all, I wore those oversized jumpers that my mum still bought me. At one point we had an election in class for the nicest, most beautiful person in class. Suddenly I was put in front of the class because I was on the first or second place (I don’t really remember, maybe it was a draw). No clue what was happening. Standing there in my blue oversized sweater and thinking, really? What my big lesson here was, that it didn’t matter what clothes I wore. It is about the light in yourself. The feeling that people get when around you. Maybe you have a huge heart, maybe you have amazing listening ears, or a super broad smile. Wear your light as a proud asset. Your own inner light that can radiate through your body that was so carefully created and picked out for you.

 Let your Light shine Through

Be who you are. Do you like pink? Then wear pink. If you like shorts, wear shorts. If you think flowers suit you, you wear flowers. Be the person that you are inside. Express who you are, what happens inside. The light that you emit. I am very certain that whomever you are, if you are aware of yourself and your light, people will love you no matter what you look like. It is the presence, your soul inside, that makes your body radiate. Without the light from within, you are dimmed. You can see that in people that are down or depressed. The light in their eyes fades. But still the light is there, just hidden, behind the clouds of sadness, hurt and sorrow.

Feel good from the Inside

So what I advise you to do is to feel good from the inside. If you have a blockage, depression, maybe just tiredness, make sure you work through this. That is the part that withholds you from being the beautiful being that you are. You only need your light, trust me.

Take care of you Physical Body

It helps as well to take care of your body. Nurture it with healthy foods, pamper it if you can afford it. Do sports, exercise. Give it a chance to release toxins, tension. Yoga is very good for that and will also help you to align with your mind and soul. In yoga we learn how to love and appreciate ourselves as well.

Appreciate your Body!

Thank your body for always being there. Bringing you here up to the point where you are now. Having fought diseases for you, recovering from health issues, supporting you up until now. Say it out loud or just touch your body with love. Let your love penetrate all the cells of your body. Let them feel that you see them, hear them, appreciate them. Your body is there for you, the one that will always be there until we leave this earthly plane. Be grateful and be conscious for all that you have. It is yours, full of your own soul light, if you give it the chance to radiate through.

Love yourself, radiate your light! You are perfectly beautiful!


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