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They are more than just a sound produced by running air through our vocal box and creating a word. Words have the power to create, to set an intention, to manifest itself. They say that the first thing in creation was sound. If this is true, I don’t know. But the thought implies a huge force and power in sounds and words.

Positive and Negative Affirmations

Words and thoughts have a power to manifest something. To change the way we feel, the way we think. For example: If someone tells you that you look beautiful, these words might lift you up. You feel good, they give a good vibration. If someone tells you that you look hideous, gives another impact. It either doesn’t do anything to you, because you are a strong confident person or it hurts you and you start to feel that it is really the truth. In that last case you are affirming, confirming, what is said to you. This can go very quickly, sometimes even unconsciously. It can even start a program in you. A program saying that you are ugly. The world around you starts to change, you start to change, because that phrase is your reality. You confirmed it, by letting it in.

How to use Positive Affirmations

When you use an affirmation in your daily life as a tool, then you use the positive side of affirming. As if (like in the example) someone tells you that you are beautiful each day. This time it is not just someone else, it is you who is going to be nice to yourself. You are the only one who can make the change, there is no one else that can do that for you.

An affirmation usually consists of a sentence that can confirm something in yourself. It can help if you want to reverse a negative thought into something positive. Let’s use the same example as before. The affirmation could be here: ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘I love myself’.

Repeating this phrase several times a day will help you reverse this thought. This may feel strange in the beginning, because the program in your head ‘I am hideous’ is still running. As you continue you’ll notice that this positive phrase will become something familiar to you. Because our analyzing part in the left side of our brain doesn’t get stimulated anymore, the thought moves to the right side of our brain where it will be accepted as true and converted into a positive feeling.

When can you use Affirmations?

You can use affirmations for morning routines to start your day positive, for unnerving situations to change a negative thought into a positive one, to set a focus for your Yoga practice or during a meditation. They are formulated as if the goal you set is already there and of course emitting positivity. So you can start accepting it as true.

Please note that trauma or heavy programs are very hard to be reversed. Meditation, regression therapy, bodywork and energy work can help you to heal this part in you.

We have the Power to decide and choose Each and Every Day!

You can decide! We can choose to continue negative situations and thoughts or not. You can choose to be a victim or to step out of it and observe, manifest positivity. See the lessons presented. Every day we get to decide and create how we want to live. In that sense every day can be a turning point. Whatever thoughts you want to manifest is up to you. We have a whole universe that stands with us, supports us, in every thought we want to create and manifest.

Once you see that the world is a playground and that everything comes as it should, based on your own creative thoughts, you can start creating and manifesting. More on the law of attraction in another post.

Read Louise Hay’s Book for more in Depth Info

I recommend you to read Louise Hay’s book ‘You can heal your life’. Herein you’ll find hundreds of affirmations based on physical problems in the body. She writes that sickness is an outcome of the way we look at ourselves, we maintain it with our negative thoughts. The programs that we started by affirming and by this confirming negativity in our lives. You’ll find appropriate affirmations for each and every complaint for daily usage. And they will inspire you to make your own perfect affirmation based on your situation.

Conscious Thinking and Creating

I, knowing what the power of words can do, started to realize how many thoughts I have in a day and how many words I use to create. This made me more conscious of my own behavior and thoughts and how they influenced my life. I stopped writing down negativity in messages, sending as much love as I could, especially to the ones that were maybe not in line with me. I send out and will receive. My intention became more pure. Of course I am human and not perfect, so now and then, a negative thought slips my mind. For me a red flag to dig deeper in myself to find out what the base is of this thought and from there work on myself. Of course on a basis of love. Because that is where it is mostly about; we don’t love ourselves enough. We can be very helpful to others, but we can be very hurtful to ourselves. Start realizing that, start observing this inner critic and also start loving the part that comes with this. It all has a start and as well an end.

Go Create!

I hope that this post will help you getting more conscious of the thoughts you have and how they can impact you. How your words to others can impact you, as all we sow we will reap in the end.

Find out what is holding you back and start with an affirmation that is the exact opposite. Love yourself.

Here some examples of nice affirmations you can use for meditation or Yoga:

I love my body. I am beautiful.

Everything surrounding me is in Harmony. I am in Harmony.

I live in abundance.

Start experimenting with your own affirmations. Find one that feels good for you. Better to create something yourself, so it fits with your feelings and situation.

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